Once upon a time where we live now, used to live some better people. Everybody called them good people, Romans use to called them Bono Homini . In my country we still name them ” dobri ljudi ” . We used to have excellent relationships between us, people, and better understanding of world which surrounding us. We shared that knowledge only orally, through live words. So to share it we had to meet each other face to face …


This is still even nowadays, the only way to share it and feel what we are talking about. See each other, feel each other and share own experience about life which resides inside of us. That is a very simple knowledge about where to put our attention and feel how mighty and incredible we are. In history of this material world we never built temples visible to the eyes. In material world visible temples can be easily destroy or misused.  As per our knowledge only safe place in this world is our heart. So in our life time only temple which we have to build is the one in our heart.

Don t trust me, trust only your heart. Your heart knows.

There are some stories I can tell you about the history of my people, which is also the history of your people. Also about the Bosnian Heraldry and why our Bosnian king, from that time, change Illiryan signs on our flag into Lilies…


Some maps and pictures from our history …catharsA-wide-spread-belief-1000x576Paulicianism_and_Europe._Armenian_-_ՊաւղիկեաններdualistProgressWest

Visoki Bosnia and Montsegur Occitania …


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