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Illyrian fleet

Archeological find of the Illyrian fleet of more than 30 ships, sunk or docked during a defensive war or natural cataclysm in the Illyrian harbor (dated in ca. 3000 BCE) […]

Illyrian god’s and goddesses

So, this is just a part of my story which start long, long ago about Bosnia and nowadays surrounding countries through the time line… When we’re talking about Bosnian mythology […]


Schindler’s Religion of Illyrian (“Slavic”) Sun-god Dazhbog (a stećak near Stolac, upper left) spread throughout the World: into Syria as Sun-god Shamash (Palmyra, 150 BCE, bottom-left), Old Rome as Sun-god […]

Illyrians, 5000 years after…

The Illyrians, were a warlike, mystical people, with shaman cults is known regardless of the fact that there is little data about them. But, the thing that is more interesting […]