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Tag: myth

Utve zlatnih krila

U bosanskoj mitologiji spominju se mistična bića opisivana kao pola žena-pola ptica koja imaju zlatna krila. Nazivaju se utve zlatnih krila i one prema mitološkoj klasifikaciji pripadaju  u  bića pozitivnog […]

Fire salamander in Bosnia

Animism, which is inseparable from shamanism is evident in many segments of Bosnian folk tradition in whose auspice the longest living cults, which got their religious sense from the Illyrians, […]

Illyrian god’s and goddesses

So, this is just a part of my story which start long, long ago about Bosnia and nowadays surrounding countries through the time line… When we’re talking about Bosnian mythology […]


Celtic goddess of moon Arianrhod on a Bosnian stecak Arianhod is known under several names: “High Fruitful Mother”, “Silver Wheel”, “Silver Circle”, “Sky Goddess”, etc. In etymology it is considered […]