In this world like the ancient Greeks wrote we come as souls, from obviously a much better place.

They say the soul is traveling through the desert of oblivion and one comes to the source of the river of forgetfulness Lete Λήθη

Whoever drinks from it, forgets the past.

Near to the source live knitters of fate or destiny Moire (Moirai), Suđaje by the Slavs, Norne by the Nordics.

They create destiny for the soul, but before the soul comes to this world they allocate three other guardians of destiny, by the Hindus terminology Sattva, Rajas, Tamas, to be sure to keep oblivion and destiny, and make that what first two older sisters create, the third one destroys.

Then you come into this world as a Tabula Rasa, and try to understand what happened.

They teach you a pile of unnecessary things, create your fate and the role which you are supposed to play, but you feel that something is wrong …

Then you discover that there is, as our ancient Greeks wrote, the god Eros, which is so subtle that when it touches the human soul, the soul feels the desire to stay awake. Then, the soul is again touched, but not at all in a subtle way, by guardians of destiny and the soul drinks again water from the spring of oblivion. If you wish you stay awake, you start to discover unusual things and you think you’re different from others, because they are all in fear to step out of the roles. Each attempt to leave the role, the destiny or fate usually produces no subtle reminder that you have guardians of fate. Then you start to discover amazing things, layers of awareness, understanding, misunderstanding, passion, attachments, weakness, insecurity, power , the incredible vastness of Creation …

Hindus would explain that experience as passing through seven zones from the body to the Atma, but the Greeks simplified this experience, revealing just Persona and Individua. Persona is the mask, the role which we are playing, our fate and destiny, together with the guards who accompany us.

An individua is the actor who plays the role.

So this amazing god Eros, with every touch, reveals who is behind a mask, and wakes up our desire to stay awake, to see and know. Awake in the way in which the Buddha remained awakened, in a manner that, in a very popular story, Jesus after the Last Supper told to the students to stay awake that night. In that story Peter answered, “Why do you say that, none of us is sleeping” …

Often when we dream we are not sure whether it was just a dream.

Therefore, do not go too much into your role in this world, because the more effort you put into your role, the more difficult it is to find an actor behind the mask.

So it seems that a famous story of the battle of two wolves living inside of us do not refer to good and evil but to the actor and the role.

What my persona, the role of a proud Bosnian that I play, likes the most, is the amazing mixture of tradition in the area bordered by the rivers and mountains shaped as a heart where I live and that I love deeply.

The Indisputable presence of Greeks and their culture and who knows which culture even before it, the duality of the Bosnian Church and the arrival of Sufism, creates for me a incredabile philosophy of « Sabur », which persisted despite the brutal reaction of the guardians of destiny and still make that we don’t forget who we are.

This Old Bosnian traditional song looks like Rumi wrote :

When we meet again we’ll laugh about the roles that we played …


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