When my new, not many words friend, ask me to write something about water
and put in certain amount of words, the first thing which crossed my mind was :
I cannot put water into words.
Next thought was I recognize water as sound, very pleasant sound.

Then I remember in the Puranas : «Brahma opened his eyes and was bemused to find himself there alone, in the middle of Nothingness. Just then he heard a voice asking him to create a universe.“ In the Mahapralaya : „In the Begining there was Nothing. All existence layed submerged in the un-manifested waters of the Great Deluge.“ In the Qur’an, books of memories they said : „We create every living thing from water.“ Then : „You can see all this and watch it before your very eyes, beneath everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound. Sound is a factor which holds it together; sound is the basis of form and shape. Absolutely everything that you see, hear and touch is energy.“

Then : In the begining there was a word and word as body became… Kabbalah water, Nikola Tesla, Hans Jenny, Rudolf Steiner, Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russell, Alan Watts … Bible, Puranas, Mahapralaya, Qur’an, Cymatics… and …. So many books and scientists, pholosophers… So what I can say about it, it looks like everything starts with a word, a sound. And what is a sound ? Just a certain frequency and if we listen carefully we can see a world made of frequencies. WalterFrequency shaped as water is extremely important for us. We are water, 75% of our brain is water and through our brain we realize the world around us. So through water we can realize, comunicate, exchange informations. Maybe you have heard about the experiment with monkeys which learned certain skills and after a certain time, less then a year, the same speaces of monkey, on the other part of the world, knows the same skill without any contact or learning. The only posiblle contact was through water which is circulating all around visible part and unvisible part of our world. I saw a nice parallel of non contact sharing of information in the movie Avatar. So, who am I to write about water and how to put such an incredible frequency into words. I can only try to tell you something I found by myself about water. I don’t know how much you are familiar with the pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia, but what we found there is incredible. Six enormous buildings, the biggest and oldest pyramid on the planet and every single building is conected with a huge, tens of kilometers network of underground tunnels. When you enter in to the tunnels you have a feeling that you are entering in another world. In that world everything looks unreal, but you have to come and see it. As a matter in fact, come and feel it. When you feel, the picture of what you see with this eyes is complete. So, when you enter in to the tunnels you notice the shapes and the materials from which tunnels were made.  tunelYou see stones and sand all around you on the sides and above you standing upside down without any conection material. If you touch it some of the material is falling down very easily but some is standing firm creating the shape of the tunnel. You can feel there a lot of humidity, a lot of presence of water. I was thinking how this sand and even big stones can stay upside down without any conection material. There must be something which works as conection material. During the cleaning of the tunnels, inside that material we found a peace of wood, very well preserved in the humid surroundings. Three diferent laboratories gave similar result : that piece of wood is old at least 32000 years. 35000 years ago in Europe we had ice age and then by the sources which I found 32000 years ago we had a climate change. So you can just imagine the enormous and quick change which happened at that time and obviously all that materials, coming from the mountains with the flood, covered that area. The stones and sand came together with snow, ice and water and with a hugh presure created a specific conglomerat which we found in the tunnels. So it means that also a lot of water stayed under the presure between stones and sand in the tunnels. When you have a closer look conglomerat looks like the result of a big flood. The next thing we know is that some other civilization, 29000 years ago, came to Visoko and created a huge network of underground tunnels in the conglomerat. Thanks to that conglomerat and what is an advanced technology for our civilization they created enormous concrete bloks and built with it the pyramids and other buildings. For me it is an incredible knowledge about water abilities which helped in creating and keeping the structure of the tunnels in this shape . Water abilities, yes abilities. voda1  If you know abilities and molecular and atomic structure of the Dihydrogen monoxide (H2O) you can start to create miracles. For me it is also incredibile to find that the golden ratio used in the creation of molecules of water.
As you know a water molecule is made of 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxigen and thanks to the Hydrogen bonds inside of the water molecule, water has the ability to stay conected at all times. Just put two drops of water close to one another and you will see what will happened. We can even calculate force or moment of force, which Hydrogen bonds produce inside water molecule in Newton meter (Nm). Hydrogen bond inside of water molecule can also work on solid materials, like stones and sand. The power of that force between solid materials and water depence of angle and temperature. For me it is incredible that on 90° no bonds, nothing is happening, force is ZERO. Inside the tunnels we have all angles of conection but neither one on 90°. Think next time about this when you decide to buy or build your new house. Inside the tunnels we have permanent temperature around 12° Celsius . So, by my calculation the force which creates Hydrogen bonds inside of the water trapped in between the conglomerat in the tunnels is 76 N/m and in this case water is the connection material inside the conglomerate.  On certain spots inside the tunnels we also found extremly hard concrete. In conglomerat we can see Calcium carbonate CaCO₃, but as particules. It looks like at that time of the big flood materials like cement, Calcium carbonate or similar materials melted in water on certain spots and thanks to the huge presure created extremy hard concrete. What is happening as byproduct of that process ? We know about the structure of atoms, neutron, proton, electron and also we know that Hydrogen spends protons to create bonds between materials. Then what is happening in the closed system like what we have inside the tunnels. We know if we spend protons in atoms we create free electrons which are circulating around neutrons and create negativly charged ions, known as anions. In closed system like we have in the tunnels we measure concentration of negaitive ions all the time around 25.000 anions per cubic centimeter. I measured once, during summer solstice, and it looked like every level had increased in the tunnels. That day Ion meter showed 55000 anions per cubic centimeter. This is an enormous amount ,much bigger then anywhere else and I leave to you to find out how a big concentration of negative ions influences our body and mind. You will be amazed what water can do. Inside of the tunnels we measure also low electricity, EMF, ultrasound, low frequencies, biofotonic energy and other so far unconfirmed forms of energy.
I dont know about the number of characters I used untill now, so I leave the explanation of other abilities of the water for some other time.
In the meantime enjoy your life , that is the reason why we came in to this world.

 Damir Saciragic, 2018.

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